We are CUB, short for Copenhagen Underground Brewers,
a team of passionate coffee professionals with an aim to offer exceptional coffee experiences in friendly and cosy surroundings.



In close collaboration with Copenhagen Coffee Lab, we roast our coffee beans on a Giesen drum roaster in a way that enchance and highlights their natural flavours and avoids the presence of undesired elements like dryness and (too much) bitterness.

We roast several times a week to ensure that the coffees on the shelves are always fresh.




Taste our selection of seasonal coffees in either of our two coffee bars, one located in the heart of Copenhagen and the other one located very close to Amager beach.

To brew our coffees we use some of the best machinery and water available on the market. Along with skilled baristas these are crucial elements in creating a great cup of coffee. 

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When buying green coffee beans we look for intense and aromatic flavors, usually with a very distinct fruit profile. We cooperate with Nordic Approach, partly because they do an excellent job sourcing high quality green beans and partly because they have a strong purchasing code of ethics, ensuring that the coffee farmers are paid a fair premium, above market rate, for their beans.